Tempest Fireco Towers Announces Award of Preferred Partnership with LDV, Inc.

Fresno, CA -- May 1, 2007. Tempest Fireco Towers, LLC announced it has been selected by LDV, Inc. to be the preferred supplier of vertical towers for their Command and Communication vehicles.

LDV is the leader in integrated mobile solutions; providing Homeland Security vehicles and specialized interiors to a multitude of industries. Tempest Fireco pneumatic telescoping towers will be mounted on LDV customer's vehicles to support lighting, video, communications and other data gathering systems.

As part of their Strategic Sourcing Initiative, LDV reviewed a number of tower suppliers in search of a qualified organization with which to form a strategic alliance. They selected Tempest Fireco Towers, LLC based upon product performance, variety of customer solutions and after sales support.

"LDV is the leading builder of customer communications and command vehicles and we are proud to be selected as their primary supplier of vertical towers", reports Leroy Coffman, President of Tempest Fireco Towers, LLC. "The Fireco product line is a world leader in pneumatic towers and we look forward to working with LDV to introduce the product line to their customers."

Tempest Fireco Towers, LLC is a joint venture between Tempest Technology, Inc, and Italian manufacturer Fireco S.R.L. Fireco manufactures the most complete line of pneumatically telescoping towers in both vertical and horizontal configurations. Tempest Fireco Towers will be available for view at FDIC 2007 as well as via a Cross Country Road Show that is planned for this spring. For additional information on Tempest Fireco Towers, or to schedule a demo, please visit www.TempestFirecoTowers.com or call 800-346-2143.