The Omega Group Developing the Next Generation of Resource Allocation and Management Tools

The Omega Group is currently developing the next generation of resource allocation and management tools for the law enforcement and public safety sectors. Omega Dashboard(TM) will provide users with a timely overview of recent events in the form of reports, maps and charts. No software is required by the end user as all information is accessed directly through a Web browser. The creation of customized analysis routines is automated so that the information presented is always current. Individual views can also be further adapted to meet more specific needs. All levels within an organization will benefit from this technology as it will allow both management personnel and support staff to quickly assess any situation for strategic planning purposes. A Fire Chief can see exactly what is happening in each response area in order distribute workflow more efficiently. Police patrol officers will be able to quickly gain a perspective on recent events within their police beat and react as needed.

Omega Dashboard(TM) will give command staff a means by which to visualize all the data coming from their existing records and dispatch systems. Login permissions can also be customized so that end users see only the data that is pertinent to their needs.

"We anticipate our dashboard solution improving overall communications within an organization by helping to insure that everyone is on the same page and has the same goals." Milan Mueller, President, The Omega Group

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