Seagrave Unveils Chassis Equipped with LifeGuard RollTek

Westfield, Indiana - April 19, 2007 - Today, at FDIC show in Indianapolis, LifeGuard Technologies, a division of IMMI, announced RollTek side roll protection is now available on Seagrave fire apparatus.

LifeGuard RollTek , now available from five US manufacturers of custom fire apparatus, combines side airbag protection with the latest advancements in seatbelt technology. In a rollover, RollTek deploys within a quarter second to minimize driver movement, increase survivable space in the cab and cushion head and neck impact, significantly reducing the potential for death or serious injury.

"Of all the fatalities in large commercial trucks, more than half can be attributed to rollovers," said Larry Gray, General Manager of LifeGuard Technologies. "We are pleased that RollTek side roll protection will now be available to Seagrave customers."

According to the US Fire Administration, motor vehicle accidents are the second leading cause of death for on-duty firefighters. Rollovers account for a significant number of these fatalities.

Over the course of designing and integrating RollTek into Seagrave apparatus, LifeGuard Technologies engineers conducted an extensive roll test program, putting the cab through a series of rigorous static and dynamic tests. In every stage of product development, advanced testing at the Center for Advanced Product Evaluation (CAPE) played an integral role in ensuring the quality, reliability and peak performance of each component.

Since its debut in the fire apparatus industry in 2003, LifeGuard RollTek has been installed on nearly 20 percent of all new custom fire trucks and is currently protecting thousands of firefighters in more than 400 communities, 40 states, and 5 countries around the world. RollTek is also available on Pierce, KME, and Ferrara and Spartan fire trucks.

About LifeGuard Technologies

LifeGuard Technologies is a division of IMMI. For more than four decades IMMI has been bringing safety to people through designing, testing and manufacturing safety restraint systems. IMMI provides hundreds of products for various sectors including the commercial vehicle, power sports, child seating, and school bus industries. The Center for Advanced Product Evaluation (CAPE) at IMMI headquarters in Westfield, Indiana, conducts fire apparatus crash tests, rollover tests and cab integrity tests, as well as offering analysis services to the fire apparatus industry. IMMI is a privately held, international company that tests to U.S., European and Australian standards and is ISO 9001:2000 certified. For more information, visit