New Multi-Use Rescue Tool Outperforms Others

Upland, CA, February 28, 2007 --Champion Rescue Tools, the leader in technology-driven, patented hydraulic rescue tools has recently introduced a new multiple use tool targeted specifically to the latest needs in the fire rescue industry. As car manufacturers continue to build better engineered vehicles that improve passenger safety, they have also created a whole new set of challenges for rescue workers (and the tools they use) to extricate victims in accident situations. "Today's vehicles use wider posts built from laminated, treated and heavier gauge metals to enhance the passenger's chances of survival, as well as reduce injuries in severe accident situations," said Tom Patton, founder of Champion Rescue Tools. "The older generation of tools in the market have been tested on many of these new vehicles and have failed miserably--they simply can't get through the new materials. When we built our latest tool, which we have dubbed the BEAST, we wanted to make sure that we set up rescue workers for success when tackling these new cars. And now that we have completed our field testing of the BEAST and have a substantial number of the units in daily use, we couldn't be happier with its performance."

"The feedback we are getting directly from the fire rescue workers has been phenomenal," said Alan Discount, President of Champion. "They are confirming that not only can the BEAST cut just about anything they have encountered, but it does so quickly and safely. In many cases, they have decided to take their entire existing tool set off their trucks and replace them with a single BEAST. This way they get the space-saving convenience of carrying a single tool that combines both a full size spreader, and the strongest scissor cutter in the industry." And unlike the combination tools in the market that deliver two mediocre tools, the BEAST delivers two full size, powerful tools for the price of one.

Offered in both 5,000 PSI and 10,000 PSI versions, the BEAST is plug-and-play compatible with competitor's tools as well. And changing the head from cutter to spreader can virtually be done in seconds -- a key feature when every second counts in the field. With a variety of key features such as laminated blades with safety tethers and fully usable arms and tips, the BEAST gets the job done, while keeping operator and victim safety in mind.

Champion is offering the BEAST for a limited time at the introductory price of $4,999.99 (almost $400 off its suggested retail price of $5,395.00). And with Champion's lifetime warranty, departments can virtually eliminate the budget they used to need for ongoing costly repairs and service that come with competitive tools. "We have priced the BEAST extremely competitively - our goal is to get as many of these amazing tools as we can out into the market, so rescue workers can save as many lives as they can," continued Discount. "And we are sure that once our competitors get a look at the BEAST, they will be forced to re-think the way they engineer their tools. But with the protection of dozens of patent claims, they will be hard pressed to match the capabilities of the BEAST."

Champion Rescue Tools, originally founded as Patton Hydraulics, Inc. in 1978, has built high quality cutters, spreaders, and numerous other specialty hydraulic tools for a variety of specialized applications and industries including numerous high profile customers such as Sandia National Laboratories, Saturn, GM, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda, Chrysler, Princeton University, Westinghouse, Savannah River, etc. Their most recent line of cutters, spreaders, rams, power units, pumps, valves and accessories built especially for the fire rescue market, can be seen on their website at For sales literature, a DVD of their products in use, or to set up a live demo, contact Champion toll free at 1-888-396-2426.