Tempest Announces Introduction of New Variable Speed Electric Blower

Fresno, CA - March 12, 2007. Tempest Technology, Inc. announces the introduction of a new blower line: the VSX Series of Variable Speed Electric Blowers. A high powered electric option, the VSX series produces CFM levels comparable to most 3.5 hp to 5.0 hp gasoline powered blowers.

The VSX series was available for viewing for the first time at the Firehouse World show in San Diego, CA the week of February 26, 2007.

Different from other variable speed electric blowers, the VSX is powered by a 2 hp motor. With a required 20 amp circuit breaker or minimum 3.5 kw generators to run, the VSX produces more RPM than any other variable speed electric blower, resulting in higher CFM ratings. Unique to the VSX is its Electronic Programmable Module, or EPM, which allows the blower to be custom programmed to run on most electrical configurations. Blowers come standard to run on 200 feet of 10 awg cord reels, but with the EPM, the blowers may be custom programmed to run at 90% air flow to accommodate longer cord reels or higher amperage rated cord. The VSX will not run on GFCI circuit breakers. The VSX is available in four sizes: 16", 18", 21" and 24" shroud diameters.

"2007 is the Twentieth Anniversary for Tempest Technology so it is fitting to introduce a revolutionary blower line within this special year for us", reports Leroy Coffman, President of Tempest Technology. "This new blower line elevates the electric blower from overhaul use to a valuable tool for Positive Pressure Ventilation and Positive Pressure Attack."

To request additional information and specifications for the VSX Variable Speed Electric Blowers, please contact Tempest Technology at 800-346-2143.