New Duracell Commerical Focuses On Grace Industries' Safety Products

Duracell's "Trusted Everywhere" advertising campaign is now airing a new commercial depicting the experiences of firefighters in the United States while highlighting a critical communications tool that helps keep these brave men and women safe.

The new TV spot was developed in partnership with Grace Industries, a leading manufacturer of innovative safety devices. Entitled "Fire", the 30-second commercial opens with a firefighter listening to music on his headphones during a calm moment at the Firehouse. The peaceful setting then dramatically shifts to a more harrowing one, portraying firemen racing to extinguish a wild blaze, while debris falls to the ground around the crew. The powerful images demonstrate the importance of emergency communication devices like the Duracell-powered T-PASS 3, a vibrating signal and sound device that alerts firefighters when the commander has determined it is critical to evacuate a building and also a motion-detecting device to alert when a firefighter is down.

The new commercial debuted the week of October 16, 2006 on network and cable programs nationwide.

Grace Industries, headquartered in Fredonia, PA, was incorporated in 1974 by James Campman. The Company's primary business focus is on life safety products, with special emphasis on advanced technology through research and development. The company manufactures a comprehensive product line of innovative safety products specifically designed for Firefighters, Corrections, Mobile and Lone Workers, and Industrial, Judicial, Medical, and Educational Facilities. The company distributes safety products throughout the United States and worldwide to more than 30 countries. Grace Industries, Inc. has a company policy of identifying the need and developing new technological products for the safety industry. These new technologies are incorporated into the design of new products wherever feasible. This insures that Grace Industries, Inc. is on the cutting edge of technology and as a result continues to experience substantial positive growth.

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