Brady/TISCOR Releases Pocket PC-Compatible Software for Fire Code Inspections

SAN DIEGO, Calif., January 27, 2005 -- Brady/TISCOR, an innovator in mobile workforce automation software systems and a leading provider of total facility management solutions, today released an enhanced version of its automated building code and fire equipment inspection software for fire departments and fire marshals called Inspection Manager FLX 2.5, featuring compatibility with the Pocket PC device.

The software is designed to assist U.S. fire departments that are required to conduct thousands of fire code and fire equipment inspections at local buildings and restaurants in accordance with regulatory agencies such as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Instead of using cumbersome paper log sheets, inspection data can be entered directly onto the Pocket PC device at the site, streamlining time management and eliminating the overwhelming amount of associated paper documentation typically associated with these types of inspections. The collected data is then uploaded to a PC database, and reports can then be generated to account for code-related or non code-related inspections. In addition, the entries are time-and-date stamped by the system, providing tamper-proof data about when the checks occurred.

The Pocket PC device further simplifies inspections and data collection through:

  • A familiar Windows operating system similar to a PC, which offers a shorter learning curve for users
  • A large back-lit touch screen for increased data display
  • Integrated keypads for easy data entry
  • Accelerated processors and more memory for a faster running application
  • An expansion slot, allowing users to add additional storage via a Compact Flash memory card.

"With more than 5,600 site inspections to accomplish over a six-month period, our fire department realized we needed a software program that could simplify our activities," said Battalion Chief Keith Anderson of the North Shore Fire Department in Glendale, Wis. "Now with Brady/TISCOR's software, we look forward to reducing paperwork and the time and cost associated with a paper-based method, increasing accountability, and tracking trends in code deficiencies that might occur at specific locations, allowing us to adjust our fire prevention activities appropriately. Plus, the program is driven by question sets so all the inspectors need to do is answer the questions on the device to complete their inspections." Inspection Manager FLX 2.5 also features the benefit of signature capture, a function that allows fire marshals to obtain a signature from building or restaurant owners acknowledging that they are aware of any violations that may have been recorded. The application also offers field report printing, which provides the ability to print a report on the spot.

About Brady/TISCOR
Brady/TISCOR is a pioneer and industry leader of mobile workforce automation solutions for Global 1000 and mid-market companies and government organizations. Brady/TISCOR develops mobile, wireless and internet-enabled mobile workforce automation solutions that help organizations and mobile workers to significantly improve daily business processes.

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