LifeCender Offers Training Version Of Firefighter Escape System

Photo Courtesy Paul Hashagen
The new training model can easily be reset by the owner for 25 slides before the line has to be replaced.

Photo Courtesy Paul Hashagen
The LifeCender provides a hands-free, yet controlled descent.

Photo Courtesy Paul Hashagen
The LifeCender can be slowed and stopped with your finger tips and quickly tied off to allow firefighters to work at or enter windows.

In November 2001 the original LifeCender was patented. The prototype was taken to the FDNY Special Operations Command Technical Rescue School where a trial run of the descender generated considerable excitement over the device's potential. Various generations of the descender were demonstrated to firefighters.

The LifeCender Personal Escape System evolved into a compact device that can be used hands-free by anyone over 50 pounds. The device was completely self contained and received wonderful reviews. Firefighters however always asked the question, "How can we practice with it?"

The manufacturer stated that if it were used in a fire situation they would replace it free of charge. Still firefighters wanted a version that could be used multiple times in training. This past summer after numerous requests, American Escape Systems produced a version of the LifeCender that solved the training dilemma. The new FLC40 RBT (rope bag trainer) was introduced. This version had all the reliability of the original model and could be reset by its owner for as many as 25 slides using the same 40 feet of ultra-high-strength escape line. After 25 uses the line can easily be replaced with another length of line.

The system has been demonstrated to firefighters across the country and has proven itself a valuable training and ultimately a great personal rescue device. Firefighters can check out the new model on the Firefighter Rescue Inc. website: