Pahrump Nevada EMS Buys Two Odyssey Ems Trasport Excursions

Scott Lewis, Chief of of Pahrump Fire Rescue in Pahrump Nevada is familiar with Odyssey Response Units. As a previous officer of the Voorhees New Jeresey Fire Dept. Scott responded in Odyssey units for many years. Scott saw the Edgar County Odyssey EMS transport Excursion with a full size stretcher and knew what he needed for his department. Pahrump is located in North of Las Vegas and is one oif the fastest growing counties in the country. Pahrump Fire & Rescue covers over 400 square miles of Nevada and even a few remote parts of California. Their closest hospital is 80 miles away and with a terrain of hills, desert and vast open areas the Odyssey Response Units can go where an ambulance can not. The two new transport capable response units retain the rear seat so five members of the team can respond to emergencies if not transporting and include a heavy-duty Stryker stretcher which mounts in the rear with the rear seat up or transport with the seat down. Chief Lewis wanted turn-key units so he requested that Odyssey supply the Excursions, build the conversions and transport them to Pahrump ready to go into service. As in all Odyssey conversions they include a lifetime electrical system and the benefit of over 25 years of conversion expertise.

Established in 1979 as the market pioneer, Odyssey of Wharton NJ manufactures first response EMS units, Fire Chief, Command units, Specialty law enforcement and commercial vehicles based on sport utility vehicles, vans, trucks, trailers, light and medium duty rescues. In addition to response and specialty conversions Odyssey offers custom cabinet systems built to order and shipped to you for easy