Holy Name Hospital Puts New ALS Unit Into Service

Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck, NJ purchased a new Odyssey ALS Response Unit. The new unit features the Odyssey lifetime electrical system, full Whelen lighting package and a custom equipment cabinet system in the rear. Using full length pull out aluminum trays for the deep compartments all equipment is accessible. Included is a large temperature controlled compartment with the RTI "System-70" thermoelectric temperature control system to keep sensitive fluids and medications at their proper temperature. In addition to the "System-70" Odyssey ducts the factory rear air conditioning into the compartment to pre-cool the compartment in the summer and the heated cabin air is evacuated through a rear venting system with brush less fans. A pull out set up tray under this compartment makes restocking from the large temperature controlled drawer easy and additional equipment is accessible from the rear side door behind the driver.

Established in 1979 as the market pioneer, Odyssey of Wharton NJ manufactures first response EMS units, Fire Chief, Command units, Specialty law enforcement and commercial vehicles based on sport utility vehicles, vans, trucks, trailers, light and medium duty rescues. In addition to response and specialty conversions Odyssey offers custom cabinet systems built to order and shipped to you for easy "Do-it-yourself" installation into existing vehicles.

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