MSA to Showcase Complete CairnsHELMETS® Line at Fire Show

Pittsburgh, Pa., April 2004 -- Committed to addressing the head protection needs of fire brigades across the country, MSA has a complete CairnsHELMETS fire helmets. The headgear of choice for firefighters since 1836, CairnsHELMETS fire helmets are made of the finest materials, and incorporate the latest design and ergonomic advances. Because they are available in a variety of configurations, these helmets can address nearly any firefighting challenge.

  • Leather Helmets -- Renowned for their authentic look and quality, CairnsHELMETS hand-crafted New Yorker (N5A) and Houston (N6A) models feature tough leather outer shells that provide years of exceptional thermal and impact protection.
  • Traditional Helmets -- Built around a fiberglass (1010) or fiberglass/Kevlar (1000) composite or thermoplastic (880) shell, these helmets combine lightweight protection with exclusive SCBA front headband adjustments.
  • Modern Helmets, Models 660, 515, and HP3 -- Constructed from a through-color, fiberglass-reinforced composite that resists cracking and chipping, the 660 provides full-brim protection, while the 515 offers the convenience of a short-brim design. The brimless HP3 delivers exceptional flexibility. All three Modern models feature SCBA front headband adjustments and ultra-high-temperature (TPR) edge trim that will not melt or drip.
  • Modern Helmets, Models 990 -- Also crafted from a through-color, fiberglass-reinforced composite. The 990 is constructed of the same composite material and equipped with a 3-layer Kevlar brim design.
  • Structural Helmets -- Molded from tough, high-temperature thermoplastic that resists cracking and chipping, the 360S and 660 helmets combine excellent thermal and impact protection with a low profile and compact brim size.

Among the most technologically advanced firefighting helmets on the market, the NFPA-compliant CairnsHELMETS Traditional, Modern, and Structural models are outfitted with an exclusive shell-release system that improves performance and simplifies maintenance. The leather Houston model is also NFPA-compliant, while the New Yorker model complies with OSHA regulations.