Homeland Fire Debuts New High-Speed Satellite Training and Communication System in New Orleans

A new way to provide in-service training and uninterrupted emergency communications will be unveiled by HOMELAND FIRE/ATSI MEDIA (HF/ATSI: formerly Access Training Systems International) at the International Association of Fire Chiefs conference in New Orleans August 13th and 14th.

HF/ATSI's "On-Demand In-Service" (ODIS) Training System allows Fire training officers and department staffs to accomplish training scheduling, implementation and reporting elements easily and effectively.

The system enables your Training Officer to develop monthly, quarterly and annual training schedules and reports through our software design. More than 200 Fire, EMS, Officer, and Safety training modules are designed to fit the needs of any department. Trainers simply log on to the ODIS video server to access all the materials needed to deliver and document training. No more searching for plans or materials.

Each ODIS module provides: Instructor guide (IG), practical skill training guide (PSTG), performance skill evaluation (PSE), Hybrid "multimedia" presentation and trainee handouts, etc., as appropriate. The server maintains the most complete list of SOP's and SOG's assembled - that can be customized to fit any specific fire department. The reporting and recording elements document training in addition to other department required reporting (NIFRS + NHTSA).

The ODIS Training System is available to any department via 24/7 communication: High-speed internet connection to a central server or High-speed connection via HF/ATSI's exclusive satellite ISP service.

The satellite access system provides the exclusive capability to maintain 2-way communications -including full-screen video - when other systems (cellular phone, radio and landline phone) are not available. See: www. Homelandfire.com, or call Sales at 866-922-1810.