MSA FP Introduces the Lynx(TM) Line of Confined Space Entry Products

Englewood, CO, June 2004 - The Lynx line of products is a new generation of confined space entry equipment from MSA Fall Protection. The Lynx line revolves around three products: The Lynx Hoist, The Lynx Rescuer, and the Lynx Tripod. The Lynx Hoist will meet your personnel and equipment lifting/lowering needs. The Lynx Rescuer is a self-retracting lanyard with emergency retrieval capabilities. It is designed to offer confined space entrants fall protection during entry and exit, and also for non-entry rescue from confined spaces in an emergency. The Lynx Tripod offers the durability and quality you demand from a confined space anchorage. The Lynx products are available individually, or as confined space kits to simplify ordering.

The Lynx Hoist features:

  • Anti-backlash crank handle. This feature prevents the hoist from releasing the load on the line when the handle is unattended.
  • Integral shock absorption. This will offer additional protection to an entrant in the event that a fall occurs and the entrant is only connected to the Lynx Hoist line.
  • Load limiting clutch with emergency bypass. This feature prevents injury to a confined space entrant in the event that the entrant gets caught on structure during ascent. In the event of an emergency, the load limiting clutch can be overridden, allowing for additional lifting capacity.
  • Two independent secondary brakes. This feature ensures that the Lynx Hoist will never release its load. The Lynx Rescuer features:
  • Quickest, easiest field-reset mechanism on the market. After the retrieval mode on the Lynx Rescuer is activated to retrieve someone from a confined space, the user can very easily reset the Lynx Rescuer to the fall arrest mode.
  • Field-reset lock feature. This feature allows a user to have more control over who can reset the Lynx Rescuer from retrieval mode to fall arrest mode.
  • Integral Shock Absorption. In the fall arrest mode the integral shock absorber will limit fall arrest force to 900 pounds or less. The Lynx Tripod features:
  • Automatic Hinge Lock legs. This will ensure that the tripod legs remain properly positioned in the event that the tripod is tilted during use.
  • Positive Locking leg pins. The positive locking leg pins will ensure that the leg pins are not accidentally disengaged during use.
  • Skid-resistant feet with self-sharpening spikes. This feature ensures a positive traction on the surface where the tripod is erected.

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