National EMS Academy creates EMS Leadership Institute

The National EMS Academy is pleased to announce the opening of the EMS Leadership Institute. "Our purpose is to provide current and future leaders with reproducible tools that are proven to increase personal and organizational effectiveness," said David LaCombe, director of the Academy.

The first course, Supervisory Effectiveness, is slated for March 2005. A feature that is unique to the institute's course is the personalized attention from faculty that each participant receives. Prior to the course, participants complete an individualized leadership skill-map in preparation for the hands-on learning sessions. First time supervisors and experienced leaders will equally benefit from this practical course.

"Graduates from this course praise the practical and relevant exercises that taught them how to invest more time with people and less time with paperwork," said LaCombe.

The supervisory effectiveness curriculum includes four instructional blocks including managing your job, relating to others, developing the team and critical thinking. Faculty and participants work side by side on case studies and problem based learning exercises. Specific topics include managing and prioritizing time, setting goals and standards, planning and scheduling work, listening and organizing, giving clear information, training, coaching, and delegating, appraising people and performance, counseling and disciplining, identifying and solving problems, making decisions, weighing risk and thinking clearly and analytically.

The National EMS Academy teaches over four hundred learners annually in its undergraduate program (in partnership with South Louisiana Community College) and thousands more in continuing education programs.

For more information about the Leadership Institute please visit the National EMS Academy's website at or contact Julie Russo at (337) 521-3519.