Xybernaut Introduces Mobile Emergency Vital Signs Kit

FAIRFAX, VA, October 5, 2004 - Xybernaut Corporation (Nasdaq: XYBR) today announced a Mobile Emergency Vital Signs Kit, which consists of the Company's Atigo mobile/wearable computer and QRS Diagnostic emergency sensors/technologies that measure vital signs such as blood pressure, oxygen content of the blood and electrical impulses of the heart.

The Mobile Emergency Vital Signs Kit, which is packaged in a hardened and brightly-colored Pelican case, was developed by Xybernaut in response to demand from its homeland security, military, medical/healthcare and first response customers to develop a wireless mobile computing device that could be combined with point-of-care medical diagnostic technologies to create a comprehensive and rugged mobile vital signs field kit.

In addition to the Atigo being a fully-functional mobile/wearable computer, the Mobile Emergency Vital Signs Kit incorporates QRS Diagnostic's "quick attach" PCMCIA testing cards that deliver the following emergency testing tools: BP CardT for monitoring blood pressure and pulse rate; SpirOxCard