Hale Products, Inc.

Hale to Launch QMAX-XS at FDIC

Hale Products will launch QMAX-XS, a new concept in compact, high-GPM pumps, at the upcoming FDIC show, April 16-21 in Indianapolis (Booth 1823). Capable of flows up to 2,250 GPM, QMAX-XS has a one-piece, compact body profile that minimizes piping requirements and increases premium storage space on an apparatus,

“Nothing protects a community from fire like big water, and fire chiefs and committees specifying pumpers should give consideration to maximizing GPM,” said Dominic Colletti, Hale’s chief brand marketing manager. “The QMAX-XS gives fire departments big water in a small package, leaving more room for EMS equipment and storage compartment space on your apparatus.”

The sleek design of the QMAX-XS allows it to be installed in a pump module as small as 34 inches wide with manual valves or 28 inches wide with electric valves. The pump is engineered to go beyond the 2,250-GPM NPFA rating and exceed 3,000 GPM from a sufficient positive pressure water source along with an appropriate engine.

To learn more about the QMAX-XS or to schedule an interview with a Hale representative at FDIC, contact Debra Yemenijian at (610) 269-2100, ext. 224, or debray@schubert.com.