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CMC Rescue Offers Free Rescue Field Guide App for Apple iOS and Android Devices

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., 2012 – CMC Rescue, Inc., a leader in technical rescue and work-at-height equipment and education, has transformed its authoritative Rope Rescue Field Guide and Confined Space Entry and Rescue Field Guide to create their Rescue Field Guide app, a full-featured mobile app packed with valuable charts, diagrams, and how-to information. Users can customize this innovative, easy-to-use app with their own personal Notes and Reference sections for even quicker access to vital information in the field. It’s a free download from the App Store for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad , and for Android devices at the Android Market.

The version 2.0 update, a major upgrade in both content and technical features, contains even more information with CMC Rescue’s entire 132-page Rope Rescue Field Guide, plus their 87-page Confined Space Entry and Rescue Guide, complete with full-color illustrations. These guides cover everything from equipment overviews and how-to information to sections on knots, anchor, belay, and M/A systems, high lines, litter rigging, patient packaging, communications, hazards, atmosphere, and incident command.

The Rescue Field Guide app includes user manuals for the AZ Vortex multi-pod artificial high directional, the MPD (Multi-Purpose Device), and instructions on how to use the app itself. Users not only gain instant access to rescue references in the palm of their hand, but can optimize their field guide for specific specialties, as well as browse equipment, tutorials, and product user manuals.

The app’s Reference capability allows users to build their own personal reference section. Tagging a section in Reference allows users quick and easy access without having to scroll through the entire guide. Notes allows users to customize the guide by creating their own notations, documents, and photos, which can be attached to the page of the section being browsed. Personal notes can be typed in and essential information from e-mail or other sources can be cut and pasted into Notes. When opening a new Note or modifying an existing one, the app time and date stamps the Note and can even provide map location with coordinates (when cell reception or WiFi is available.) Notes can also be accessed from the navigation bar at the bottom of each page.

Best of all, CMC’s Rescue Field Guide app works anywhere! Rescue assets can be accessed or managed with or without cell reception or WiFi. So whether your job keeps you in the station or takes you high on the mountain or deep into the wilderness, you can stay on top of your profession wherever you are. For more information about the Rescue Field Guide app, visit

About CMC Rescue
For more than 34 years, CMC has been developing innovative tools and techniques used by professionals in the fire service, USAR, wilderness rescue, rigging, tactical, and work-at-height industries. Today the CMC Rescue brand is synonymous with technical rescue and rescue training around the world. CMC Rescue, an employee-owned company, still manufactures its harnesses and sewn products at its headquarters in Santa Barbara, Calif. The company’s complete line of rescue equipment can be purchased from authorized dealers in more than 47 countries worldwide. For more information, visit