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Phenix Technology Teams with MN8-Foxfire In Offering Foxfire Illuminating Fire

Cincinnati, OH, May 21, 2012— Phenix Technology, the manufacturer of Phenix Fire

Helmets, is pleased to announce its partnership with MN8-Foxfire, the developer of

Foxfire illuminating fire safety products for firefighters, in offering Foxfire products as

an upgrade on all of its helmets.

Foxfire illuminating helmet bands and tetrahedrons will be available as upgrades

on all Phenix Fire Helmets, effective immediately. Foxfire products utilize an advanced

photoluminescent technology that possess the unique capacity to absorb and store light

and then release it as a bright luminance in the dark. The bright glow emitted from

Foxfire’s helmet bands, tetrahedrons and other products illuminates surroundings and

serves as a light emitter, enabling firefighters to keep track of their crews in dark

environments. When fully charged (by any light source), Foxfire products can glow for

up to 17 hours.

“At Phenix, our mission is to provide firefighters with top quality, safe and

comfortable head protection,” said Ray Russell, president at Phenix Technology. “Foxfire

products enhance the safety of firefighters. Once we saw the glow from the products in

the dark, we knew that they were a perfect compliment to our mission of providing

products that keep firefighters safe.”

Phenix offers three different types of helmets and a variety of helmet accessories.

Phenix Helmets include:

TL-2 Traditional Leather Firefighting Helmet, which weighs about 55 ounces and

is the lightest NFPA leather helmet made.

Foxfire illuminating helmet

tetrahedrons available as an upgrade to standard tetrahedrons; Foxfire


illuminating helmet bands also an available accessory.


TC-1 Traditional Composite, which offers a low profile and ideal center of

gravity, providing an ergonomic design.

Foxfire illuminating helmet tetrahedrons

available as an upgrade to standard tetrahedrons; Foxfire illuminating helmet


bands also an available accessory.


First Due Series Contemporary, which brings together style, durability and

comfort and can be customized to meet a department’s needs.

Foxfire illuminating

helmet bars will soon be available as an upgrade to standard helmet strips;


Foxfire illuminating helmet bands also an available accessory.


“Phenix helmets have an outstanding reputation in the firefighting industry,” said

Zachary Green, president of MN8-Foxfire. “We are honored that Foxfire products will be

offered as accessories on all new Phenix helmets. We look forward to working with

Phenix in keeping more firefighters safe by utilizing our technology to reduce

disorientation and increase personnel accountability in low light environments.”

Phenix Helmets are available through the Phenix distributor network. Visit

to locate a distributor near you.


About Phenix Technology


Phenix Technology was founded in 1972 by two firefighters who had the desire to make

safe helmets that incorporated balance, longevity, lightweight and ergonomics; and were

usable for all types of emergencies. Now operating for more than four decades, Phenix

Technology has accumulated a wealth of design knowledge and is a recognized

manufacturer and seller of high quality professional fire helmets built to NFPA industry

standards. Phenix Technology’s fire helmets are used by thousands of firefighters in the

United States and worldwide. Proud to offer only products that are American made,

Phenix Technology operates out of its headquarters located in Riverside, California. For

more information, visit

About MN8-Foxfire



is a firefighter owned company offering energy efficient and eco-friendly

products utilizing breakthrough advanced illumination technology. MN8’s product


offerings for the fire safety industry, marketed under the name Foxfire®, have earned a


reputation for safety, high quality and performance-proven. This is readily apparent in


Foxfire’s photoluminescent helmet bands, coating kits, grip wrap, equipment bands, Tshirts,


helmet tetrahedrons and other products. Both the Cincinnati USA Regional


Chamber and Cincinnati Innovates have recognized MN8-Foxfire for its efforts in


developing technology that keeps firefighters safe. The company is headquartered in


Wyoming, Ohio, a Cincinnati suburb. For more information, visit