Williams Fire & Hazard Control launches industry's first Type II and III combination fire protection system

VIDOR, Texas - May 21, 2012 - Williams Fire & Hazard Control (WF&HC), a Tyco company, will launch Ambush, a first-of-its-kind combined full-surface and seal fire protection system, at the 2012 International Liquid Terminals Association (ILTA) Conference & Trade Show, May 21-23 in Houston, Texas. The company will also feature other fire protection product innovations, field technologies and presentations from industry experts. 

The Ambush system was developed to address the challenges presented in managing fire response as tank sizes continue to grow. With the launch of Ambush, WF&HC becomes the first company to create a system that combines both Type II and Type III foam applications for large external floating roof storage tanks.  

"ILTA 2012 is an ideal event to debut Ambush and connect with our customer base," said Steve Grisko, general manager, Williams Fire & Hazard Control Operations. "The system fills a need in the new mega-tank marketplace by providing a viable alternative to Type III ground assaults on large tank fires. Additionally, faster response times and reduced risk to personnel enables Ambush to uphold our mission of continually minimizing risk while maximizing response success." 

Installed on the rim of the tank, Ambush is a fixed / semi-fixed system of components that addresses the two primary fire-related hazards of open floating roof tanks: seal fires and fully involved surface fires. To extinguish these dual fire types in the largest of tanks, Ambush's multi-nozzle configuration delivers rich foam applications simultaneously to the internal wall and directly toward the center of the tank, relying on proven FootPrint(tm) foam-run dynamics to produce a dense foam application that blankets the entire surface. 

In a recent test, WF&HC attached six Ambush units to the rim of a 277-foot tank. When engaged, the foam application reached a density of .1493 gallons per minute (gpm), covering the surface of the tank in one minute, 30 seconds, with the collective flow rate reaching 9,000 gpm (1,500 gallons per unit per minute). 

The system also provides effective seal protection. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends chamber foam runs produce a 40-foot foam run in under two minutes as a minimum performance measurement. During WF&HC's testing of Ambush, the system protected 120 feet of seal area - three times the NFPA recommended distance in under two minutes - outperforming these standards. 

About Williams Fire and Hazard Control, Inc.  
Williams Fire & Hazard Control, Inc., (WF&HC) a leader in flammable liquid firefighting, specialty firefighting equipment and methodologies, is the only American owned and privately held fire equipment manufacturer and flammable liquid firefighting company in the World. Using patented proprietary equipment and methodologies, WF&HC has successfully extinguished the four largest fully involved tank fires in the world, which includes the latest 270-foot diameter blended gasoline tank fire in South Louisiana. Employee owned and family controlled, WF&HC is proud to be a leader in the flammable liquid fire fighting industry and looks forward to providing better equipment and methodologies that will minimize risk while maximizing success.

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