Waterway Inc.

Waterway and Mistras Team Up

Waterway, Inc., the leading fire hose testing company in the USA, has partnered with MISTRAS Group, Inc., a leading NDT and asset protection solutions, to offer “one-stop” testing services to fire departments nationwide.

Services include hose, hard suction and ground ladder testing from Waterway, and aerial and pump testing from MISTRAS, allowing NFPA tests to be organized all through one system arrangement.  Fire Chiefs will appreciate the “one call can get it all” process.

Both Waterway and MISTRAS employ state-of-the-art testing equipment, highly experienced personnel, hold industrial quality certifications, and have proven safety records.

“Until now Fire Chiefs have had to make several calls to different companies to have their annual NFPA compliance tests undertaken,” said John Green, Franchise Manager of Waterway, Inc. “All they have to do is make one call and we will coordinate to serve our customer most efficiently and in the most time-effective manner.”

“This really is the best of both worlds for Fire Chiefs, safety officers, and municipalities as it will save them considerable time,” said Jim Kelker, Transportation COE Operations Manager of MISTRAS Group, Inc.  “The hassle factor of multi-scheduling is eliminated by dealing with two top-class organizations.”