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Air Vacuum Prepares for Fire Truck Diesel Emission Standard Changes

The EPA has announced changes to the diesel emission standard for fire trucks and ambulances relative to SCRmaintenance and vehicle disruptions.  Due to this change, exposure to apparatus exhaust will again increase exposure to fire personnel within the station.

Although eliminating apparatus power disruptions at the incident scene, lower maintenance schedule intervals or system by-pass will allow for increased emissions, which in turn add exposure to personnel particularly in the apparatus bays. In conjunction with recent WHO changes to classification of diesel exhaust as a carcinogen, the importance of exhaust removal is greater then ever. 

The Air Vacuum Corporation offers the industry’s most effective exhaust removal system for fire and EMSvehicles.  The AIRVAC 911 system automatically removes both carcinogenic gasses and particulates, allowing for quick response to incidences in a clean and healthy environment.  

Contact Air Vacuum Corporation for a prompt proposal and protect firefighters from health dangers from exhaust exposure. or toll free 800-540-7264.