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ESS FirePro Goggles Now Certified As Compliant to NFPA 1977 Standard

July 10, 2012 -- Sun Valley, ID USA
Today, ESS (Eye Safety Systems, Inc) announced that its FirePro-FSTM and FirePro-EXTM goggles
have been certified as complaint to NFPA 1977 Standard on Protective Clothing and Equipment for
Wildland Fire Fighting, 2011 Edition. NFPA compliance is a top priority for fire departments and
firefighting agencies throughout the United States, and this certification ensures both maximum
user-safety and streamlined contract-purchasing of ESS FireProTM heat-resistant goggles.
The FireProTM series represents the latest in the line of firefighting eyewear from ESS, the world’s
#1 producer of both firefighting and military goggles and spectacles. With its lighter weight,
lower profile, full-perimeter ventilation/filtration system and total helmet-compatibility, the FirePro
FSTM (a full-strap version) and FirePro-EXTM (a snap-on/snap-off version) represent a significant
evolution from ESS’ proven StriketeamTM series of full-size wildland goggles.
“The strong preference for low-profile goggles has been demonstrated across our core markets:
from military applications to tactical use and on the fireline,” said Eric Dobbie, Commercial Program
Manager for ESS. “Through obtaining the NFPA 1977 Certificate of Compliance from UL Lab, we
are reinforcing the ESS promise of eye safety, quality, and improved utility. Additionally and perhaps
most importantly, we are providing a means for government agencies or other organizations to
easily acquire the compliant products end-users want most.”