Lighting Solutions Available at offers solutions that increase visibility and safety in a wide range of situations. Super LED Safety Road Flares from Aervoe Industries and several chemiluminescent products from Cyalume Technologies all increase visibility and temporary...

15-inch Ultra High Intensity Impact Round Sticks are the only lightstick that activates on impact providing instant illumination. Round sticks provide 5 minutes of ultra-high intensity orange light. When near gas, oil, or other combustible materials, these are safe, dependable sources of emergency lighting. Recommended for confined space lighting, building searches, bundle drops, refuel/rearm sites, and hazard markers.

Lightweight and durable Flex Band Illuminating Emergency Markers stay illuminated for four hours, measure 7.5 inches long, are available in a variety of colors, and are the ideal emergency marker. FlexBands can be placed on wrist, stretchers, door knobs, tree branches, or anywhere a marker is needed. They are vital for triage during MCI situations and military operations. Available in green, blue, red, and orange for maximum versatility.

Know that a safe, dependable light is always available. With an easy to locate photoluminescent label on the front cover, LightStation Emergency Lightstick Storage Kits ensure you aren’t left in the dark when the power goes out. Each model can be mounted to a wall near exits, fire extinguishers, or in any area that has little or no emergency lighting. All LightStation models are filled with yellow four-hour 10-inch SnapLight Lightsticks that are visible up to one mile in fog or smoke. Sealed with replaceable Tamper Evident Pins to provide a visual alert if used or tampered. Storage kits are available in two configurations: as a fixed, wall-mounted unit (Model 4), or as a fixed, wall-mounted unit with an additional 19 Snaplights for individuals to carry and use as light sources (Model 20.)

Self-adhesive 3-inch LightShape Circle Markers provide four hours of illumination. Activation is easy. Just press, snap, and shake and the color will soon cover the diameter. Peel the paper backing and adhere to any surface. Great for medical triage during mass casualty incidents, evacuation pathway lighting, and many other applications. Available in green, yellow, red and orange.

Approved by the US Coast guard, the Dual Personnel Marker Light (PLM) has two ChemLights that operate in warm (above 50°) or cold water (below 50°). They are designed to be lightweight, waterproof, and buoyant—the perfect emergency locator for rescue at sea. The Dual PML easily attaches to PFD’s and immersion suits. When the protective sleeve is removed, 360° of reliable light is visible up to one nautical mile and up to three miles by air. Each Dual PML provides eight hours of green illumination. Dual PLMs are recommended for off-shore workers as well as marine patrol personnel.