MN8-Foxfire Introduces Illuminating “Firefighters for a Cure” Cancer Awareness T-Shirts

Cincinnati, OH, September 6, 2012—MN8-Foxfire, the developer of Foxfire illuminating
fire safety products for firefighters, has introduced an illuminating pink cancer awareness
T-shirt that departments may personalize. The shirt graphic incorporates a cancer
awareness ribbon and recognizable firefighter symbols with the phrase “Firefighters for a
Cure.” Fire departments may also customize the shirt by replacing the word firefighters
with their department name and/or displaying their department logo on the shirt. A
portion of the shirts’ sales will be donated to the Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation, an
organization that provides international outreach, support and resource assistance
programs for firefighters and family members stricken by cancer.
The same photoluminescent technology used in Foxfire’s fire safety products is
used in the ink displayed on the shirt, enabling the graphics to brightly light up in the
dark. In the dark, the shirts graphics glow green and blue. The shirts are available in both
youth and adult sizes, with a base price of $24.95. (There is an additional $1.25 charge
for youth sizes, a $2 charge for adult XX-Large, $3 for adult XXX-Large and $4 for adult
XXXX-Large sizes). Personalized department T-shirts are available in a combination of
different sizes, with a minimum order of 25. To order, visit To
place a personalized department T-shirt order, please email or
call 513-761-7614 and ask for Kelly.
“As a full service cancer organization, we provide a range of assistance from
advocacy training to legal help, in home air units, travel arrangements, referrals to cancer
centers, and even assistance to families if there is unfortunately a death,” says Jim Plieth,
president of the Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation. “We’re looking forward to our
relationship with Foxfire in helping us get the word out about extinguishing firefighter
cancer.” Plieth is also a Detroit Firefighter, an IAFF certified fitness trainer and a burn
“We are excited to partner with MN8-Foxfire, because it is a firefighter owned
company and also offers an innovative line of products to improve safety on the fire
scene,” says Cindy Ell, founder and executive director of the Fire Fighter Cancer
Foundation and retired firefighter. “It is through collaborative efforts such as this, that we
continue to improve firefighter health and safety awareness.”
MN8-Foxfire is committed to helping others, especially fellow firefighters.
“Cancer has touched so many of us,” says Zachary Green, president of MN8-Foxfire.
“Not only has cancer affected me personally by taking away a loved one last year, but it
is also one of the most dangerous things a firefighter can encounter. In addition to heat,
smoke and building collapse dangers, firefighters must be alert to the dangers of the silent
killer, cancer. We feel strongly about doing anything we can to highlight awareness of
this dangerous disease and are pleased to partner with the Fire Fighter Cancer
Foxfire’s new illuminating cancer awareness “Firefighters for a Cure” T-shirt
joins Foxfire’s growing line of illuminating T-shirts, which includes a “Keep Calm and
Fight Fire,” “Search and Rescue” and a “Flash the Fox” illuminating shirt. The company
also offers illuminating custom duty T-shirts, featuring a fire department’s logo and block
letters depicting department name. Products are available for order from the Foxfire
website at as well as through MN8-Foxfire’s distributor and Boots
on the Street (independent sales representatives) network.
About The Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation
The Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation was established to provide international outreach,
support, and resource assistance programs for fire fighters and family members that are
stricken by cancer. The Foundation is creating state of the art programs for cancer
education, awareness, and prevention to ensure the quality of life and retirement of fire
fighters around the world. For more information, visit
About MN8-Foxfire
MN8-Foxfire is a firefighter owned company offering energy efficient and eco-friendly
products utilizing breakthrough advanced illumination technology. MN8’s product
offerings for the fire safety industry, marketed under the name Foxfire®, have earned a
reputation for safety, high quality and performance-proven. This is readily apparent in
Foxfire’s photoluminescent helmet bands, coating kits, grip wrap, equipment bands, Tshirts,
helmet tetrahedrons and other products. Foxfire products utilize an advanced
photoluminescent technology that posses the unique capacity to absorb and store light
and then release it as a bright luminance in the dark. When fully charged by any light
source, Foxfire products can glow for up to 17 hours. Both the Cincinnati USA Regional
Chamber and Cincinnati Innovates have recognized MN8-Foxfire for its efforts in
developing technology that keeps firefighters safe. The company is headquartered in
Wyoming, Ohio, a Cincinnati suburb. For more information, visit