Free Fire Protection Engineer Career Resource Available for Students

BETHESDA, MD – October 11, 2012 – To meet the demand for fire protection engineers, Bethesda, MD-based Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) has created the fourth Edition of its Guide to Careers in Fire Protection Engineering.

Guide to Careers in Fire Protection Engineering offers information for students on college degree programs, benefits, and resources to enter and succeed in the industry as a fire protection engineer. The free guide is an instructive learning tool for both students interested in science and students already interested in engineering; and provides considerations on career selection that can be applied to many fields.

The guide also showcases how fire protection engineers are currently using science and technology to make our world safer from fire, ranging from investigating a high profile Las Vegas casino fire, to protecting nuclear power plants, to ensuring that our building and fire codes are designed to reduce the worldwide burden from fire.


“Our society is constantly growing and upgrading to the next big thing,” says Chris Jelenewicz, engineering program manager at SFPE. “There will always be a need for fire protection and fire protection engineers to increase fire defense mechanisms to keep people, property and the environment safe.”


Over the past two years, the median income for a fire protection engineer increased by almost three percent, according to a 2012 SFPE survey. A fire protection engineer with six or less experience, on average, earns $70,000 a year and the median income of today’s fire protection engineers exceeds $113,000 plus benefits—among the highest-paid engineers in the nation.


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What is a Fire Protection Engineer?

According to the Society of Fire Protection Engineers, a fire protection engineer applies science and engineering principles to protect people, homes, workplaces, the economy and the environment from the devastating effects of fires. Fire protection engineers analyze how buildings are used, how fires start and grow, and how fires affect people and property. They use the latest technologies to design systems to control fires, alert people to danger, and provide means for escape. Fire protection engineers also work closely with other professionals, including engineers of other disciplines, architects, state and local building officials, and local fire departments to build fire safe communities. Fire protection engineers are in high demand. The number of available jobs far exceeds the supply.


About Society of Fire Protection Engineers

Organized in 1950, the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) is the professional organization that represents engineers engaged in fire protection worldwide. Through its membership of over 5,000 professionals and 65 international chapters, SFPE advances the science and practice of fire protection engineering while maintaining a high ethical standard. SFPE and its members serve to make the world a safer place by reducing the burden of unwanted fire through the application of science and technology.

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