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Introducing the Rescue ONE Inflatable Boat Series

MADISON, AL – Different types of missions call for different types of boats. While the Rescue ONE Connector Boat’s wide bottom and durable aluminum construction make it a great fit for many missions, there is still a need for a smaller, lighter weight boat to fulfill the rest of the missions that require a water response. That is where the Rescue ONE Inflatable Boat Series comes in.

Rescue Features are Standard
Rescue ONE’s Inflatable Boat Series is built with a host of standard features that make it rescue ready. Among these are the 5 separate air chambers. Each chamber has its own fill valve and most importantly, pressure relief valves to enable the boat to be filled with an SCBA or SCUBA bottle without fear of bursting the tube.
Other features that make the Rescue ONE Inflatable Boat Series rescue ready are the rigid aluminum floor, interior and exterior rescue rope of easy entry and exit, reflective panels for night time visibility, and double layered material on the tube bottoms to provide additional abrasion protection.

Must Be Affordable
The days of paying a lot of money for a boat that has a limited life is over. No matter the material or construction, inflatable boats are susceptible to tears, rips, punctures, and other damage. With this in mind, we have priced our boats at 1/3 the cost of other well-known inflatable rescue boat brands, while still providing a 5 year warranty that covers any manufacturer or material defect. While all boats come with a repair kit, this provides you the peace of mind that if the boat is damaged beyond repair, it is not going to blow your budget to replace.

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