E-ONE is Lighting the Way

E-ONE aerials are now available with track lighting along the walkway to increase visibility and offer a safer climbing experience when using the apparatus for nighttime operations.

“Although lighting for aerial walkways has been on the market for some time, we’re pleased to announce an innovative design that enables fire departments to seamlessly apply LED technology to our trusted aluminum aerial design,” said Joe Hedges, aerial product manager for E-ONE. “We feel our design combined with the Luma Bar™ Pathfinder allows us to offer the best solution in the industry for lighted aerial walkways.”

Aerial walkway lighting is available on one or both sides of the walkway and is offered in three colors: red, blue and amber. In addition, the new lighting is not limited to recent aerial orders; existing aerial apparatus can be retrofitted with the new lighting technology.

For more information on the latest E-ONE product advancements, contact your local E-ONE dealer or visit them at www.E-ONE.com.