ZOLL Highlights Advanced CPR Technologies, Data Integration with X Series

March 6, 2013—CHELMSFORD, MASS.—ZOLL® Medical Corporation, a manufacturer of medical devices and related software solutions, will showcase the company’s portfolio of integrated CPR technologies and demonstrate data integration with the ZOLL X Series™ Monitor/Defibrillator in Booth #1113 at EMS Today March 7-9 in Washington, D.C. 

Unsurpassed CPR Support
ZOLL’s breakthrough CPR technologies have been shown to improve survival-to-hospital discharge and achieve favorable neurological outcomes in combination with scenario-based training.  This  real-time CPR feedback technology reassures rescuers that their chest compressions are deep enough and fast enough to be effective.  With ZOLL’s CPR Dashboard, featuring Real CPR Help®, on the new X Series Monitor/Defibrillator, rescuers see numeric displays of CPR quality measures that help to drive high-quality CPR.  This tool provides real-time information on depth and rate, visual indicators of compression release, and a perfusion performance indicator. 

In fact, ZOLL is so committed to improving manual CPR that Real CPR Help is built into all ZOLL AEDs and virtually every defibrillator the company builds. In addition to the X Series, this real-time CPR feedback technology is incorporated into the AED Plus®, the new Fully Automatic AED Plus,  the AED Pro®, the E Series®, and PocketCPR®.

ZOLL’s X Series and E Series Monitor/Defibrillators with their advanced capabilities for EMS, along with the AED Pro, also offer See-Thru CPR®, a filtered ECG that allows responders to see a patient’s underlying rhythm during compressions by filtering out the CPR artifact.

Data Integration with the X Series
Another important aspect of the X Series is its data collection and communications capabilities. RescueNet® 12-Lead is a free web browser-based system that allows the X Series to acquire, store, and transmit 12-leads to any computing device with Internet capability.  With RescueNet Link, patient data can be automatically uploaded and streamed to remote displays in ambulances, hospitals, and communications centers while the rescuer cares for the patient at the scene and in transit.  Data, like 12-lead ECG snapshots, vital signs, and trends, can be seamlessly uploaded with minimal effort using RecueNet ePCR. The X Series is the first monitor/defibrillator with integrated WiFi. Bluetooth® and USB connectivity is standard.

 The game changing X Series is about half the size and half the weight of competitive full-featured monitor/defibrillators, yet much more powerful and built to the most rigorous standards for ruggedness. The X Series has every advanced monitoring and communication capability required by EMS services and critical care transport operations.

Additional highlights at the ZOLL exhibit include:  

  • The AutoPulse® Non-invasive Cardiac Support Pump is an automated, portable chest compression device. It is the only mechanical CPR system to have shown improved survival in comparative clinical trials1. The AutoPulse more than tripled survival compared to typical CPR during witnessed shockable arrests.
  • The RescueNet Suite for EMS and Fire is the only fully integrated information management system that has the ability to improve clinical and operational performance by collecting and analyzing data across EMS or Fire organizations, including medical device data. The management suite is fully integrated with ZOLL’s resuscitation portfolio.

ZOLL Breakfast and Learn: “Changing Your Organization’s Resuscitation Mindset”
In the not-so-distant past, many professional rescuers viewed CPR as an almost futile effort. No more. Thanks to evidence-based changes in CPR delivery and new technology, we know the power of really good CPR.  Two experienced EMS providers and instructors from the Mesa Fire/Medical Department, EMS Captain John Tobin and Engineer, EMT Scott Crawford, have seen it firsthand. They will share how training and incorporating ZOLL’s CPR Dashboard into the equation have dramatically improved survival rates in Mesa. Learn methods you can take back to your own organization to make this culture shift. The session will be held Friday, March 8 at 8:30 a.m. Convention Center Room #102AM.

About ZOLL Medical Corporation
ZOLL Medical Corporation, an Asahi Kasei Group company, develops and markets medical devices and software solutions that help advance emergency care and save lives, while increasing clinical and operational efficiencies. With products for defibrillation and monitoring, circulation and CPR feedback, data management, fluid resuscitation, and therapeutic temperature management, ZOLL provides a comprehensive set of technologies that help clinicians, EMS and fire professionals, and lay rescuers treat victims needing resuscitation and critical care. For more information, visit www.zoll.com.

About Asahi Kasei
The Asahi Kasei Group is a diversified group of companies led by holding company Asahi Kasei Corp., with operations in the chemicals and fibers, homes and construction materials, electronics, and health care business sectors. Its health care operations include devices and systems for critical care, dialysis, therapeutic apheresis, transfusion, and manufacture of biotherapeutics, as well as pharmaceuticals, diagnostic reagents, and nutritional products. With more than 25,000 employees around the world, the Asahi Kasei Group serves customers in more than 100 countries. For more information, visit www.asahi-kasei.co.jp/asahi/en/.

 1Wik L, et al. The impact of CPR duration on survival to discharge between integrated AutoPulse-CPR and manual–CPR during out-of-hospital cardiac arrest of presumed cardiac origin. Resuscitation. 2012;83:e17