Avon Protection Introduces The Deltair SCBA

Avon Protection, a market leader in respiratory protection systemsannounced the launch of Deltair, a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) designed for the fire service industry. As the industry’s first new innovation in the category in many...

Avon Protection has taken the best military-grade innovations and applied them to meet the needs of firefighters.

Firefighters can feel confident when purchasing new SCBAs from Avon Protection. Deltair is among the strongest and most robust SCBAs in the industry. Deltair underwent extensive testing against stringent military and fire standards to yield the best SCBA and was also tested for ruggedness with a three-hour tumble test.

The product withstands radiant heat temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and the back frame is tested at 1,000 pounds pull strength. 

About Avon Protection

The market leader in respiratory protection system technology, Avon Protection works closely with firefighters and other fire protection professionals to understand and meet their changing personal protection equipment needs.

Avon Protection offers a wide selection of high-performance, timesaving respiratory protection equipment, as well as thermal image cameras that employ the most advanced features in the industry.

The company is the primary supplier of CBRN personal respiratory equipment to the United States Department of Defense, providing respiratory equipment to the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Special Operations Forces.

Additionally, Avon Protection is the market leader among LE and SWAT users in the US. For more information about the company’s firefighting products visit: www.avon-protection.com.