TFT Offers Brand New Monitor Design

VALPARAISO, INDIANA: TFT’s new Hemisphere initial attack monitor outmaneuvers and out performs any other monitor on the market today. It offers a full hemisphere (360 degrees) field of attack, as well as an easy-to-use monitor base mount that attaches...

Its stream integrity is ensured by the monitor’s built in stream straightener. As you’ve grown to expect, the monitor and valve bodies are hard coat anodized aluminum inside and out, with TFT’s signature powder coated blue finish.

“This is the next generation of lightweight portable monitors,” Carringer said. “Five hundred gpm, integrated low loss shut off, a field of fire that offers a hemisphere’s worth of movement, and the ability to direct the stream up, down or in any direction when it’s attached to any one of a number of fixed structures – even a common trailer hitch. This changes everything.”

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