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USSC Valor Seats Offer Many Options And Features

USSC Valor seats have released a new line of seating for fire apparatus with many new and exciting features.

The seats will be exhibited at many trade shows this summer. The seats will feature a dynamic adjustable SCBA bracket that adjusts to the occupant when they are seated.

This feature will improve comfort and lead to a safer seating position. USSC Valor Seats are covered in military grade fabrics and include loops with a magnet to allow the SCBA straps to be easily accessible for quick ingress and egress speeds.

The seat also features a single point of release handle which activates the seat belt and the SCBA bracket. They are available in flip, fixed or bench style. Upon purchase the purchaser gets their logo embroidered into the seat. Valor seats can be placed into small chassis (pick up type vehicles) or large chassis vehicles.

The seats can be retrofitted into current fire apparatus and can be specified into new apparatus.

Valor Seats can be seen at the following shows: Harrisburg Fire Expo 2013 New York State Fire Chiefs 2013 New England Fire Chiefs 2013 Firehouse Expo 2013 Fire Rescue International 2013 New Jersey Fire Expo 2013.

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