KME Fire Apparatus

KME Ridgerunners Headed to Oregon

Marion County Fire District No. 1 in Oregon was searching for a different type of fire apparatus for three of its more rural stations.

They were hoping to find a Type 3 Engine with the typical configuration of a high angle of approach and departure as well as pump and roll capabilities for wildland firefighting, but they also wanted the engine to have at least 750 gallons of water and a 1,500 gpm pump.

KME’s northwest dealer, Cascade Fire & Safety was able to accommodate all of these needs with a custom built KME RidgeRunner. This model has the full capability of a Type 1 pumper with the flexibility and off-road performance of a Type 3.

Designed to meet the full requirements of a Class A pumper (including all ISO requirements) without sacrificing off-road performance, it can take the fight to the fire. Available in both midship and rearmount pump configurations, RidgeRunners allow departments to fulfill multiple missions in a single truck.

"We had originally planned on purchasing two of the engines, but once we fully understood the capabilities of the RidgeRunner we ordered a third engine," said Fire Chief Henson.

Battalion Chief Trent Friesen was part of the team that went to the KME plant in Pennsylvania for the pre-construction conference. He stated he was "very impressed with the people and the plant at KME and looks forward to the delivery of the units later this fall.

BC Friesen led the District's Apparatus Committee and enjoyed working with Eric Hall of Cascade Fire based out of Yakima WA.