Nextteq Offers Kits to ID Unknown HAZMAT Chemicals

TAMPA, FL– As times and tactical situations change, so must the resources of our hazardous materials response teams.

Nextteq meets these ever increasing demands by providing Gastec Hazmat Kits to identify unknown liquid and airborne compounds at a moments notice during potentially dangerous situations.

Nextteq’s portable HazMat Kits provide rapid identification of unknown chemicals and can detect contaminants competitors may miss. Our HazMat Kits offer accurate detection of a wide variety of chemical agents – many with lower detection limits than leading competitors.

Nextteq offers the only HazMat kits that can detect liquid chemical warfare agents, including toxic nerve agents (V and G) and blister agents (H).

This lightweight and ergonomically designed kit is maintained in a rugged, watertight Pelican case keeping your valuable equipment safe and dry while remaining easy to transport and providing immediate onsite evaluation.

All the components needed to detect potentially hazardous chemicals are included; a model GV-100 Gastec gas sampling piston pump, an extension hose, a gas detection manual, Gastec detector tubes, M8 detection paper, and a simple to use logic chart.

No calibration or electrical power is required, so the kits are always ready to use. The Hazmat kit can also be customized for unique applications. Gastec Detector Tubes and Gas Sampling Pumps are manufactured by Gastec Corporation.

Nextteq LLC is Gastec’s exclusive U.S. master wholesale distributor. For more information, contact Nextteq at 877-312-2333 or visit our website at

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