Veteran Calif. Firefighter Completes Triathlon Fundraisers

As summer begins so does the fever of triathlons, but for Brain Hackenburg, an 18-­-year firefighter veteran, he is determined to complete six triathlons that equals a 26.2-­-mile run in the Firefighter Turnout Challenge.

What is the Challenge? Well it’s an endurance race that includes wearing firefighter turnout gear and carrying an air pack, a total of 50 pounds while running in the summer heat to help benefit the National Firefighters Endowment (NFE).
The turnout challenge is open to firefighters nationwide, and for anyone else who thinks they can take on the heat. Whether it’s a 5k, 10k or marathon, firefighters all over are representing America’s Bravest.
Hackenburg’s mission is to personally raise $2,500 and a team goal of $25,000 for NFE to help give the necessary tools to our first responders.
“Every fire department needs the necessary equipment to protect themselves and their community in a moment of crisis.
NFE helps underfunded departments get the equipment necessary to save lives." He will be completing each challenge to spread awareness of National Firefighters Endowment.
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