Fire Falcon Introduces New Demolition Tool

A new a multi-purpose demolition device with retractable talons designed by a veteran firefighter with 38 years’ experience was recently released.

Called the Fire Falcon, the device has a penetrating point on its head, like an arrow, and then has three talons that can be deployed and retracted by the user to pull more material, like a ceiling, or any other drywall or material that needs to be removed quickly.

It also can work as an anchor device for rope escape by deploying the talons into a wall or a ceiling, and then attaching a rope to an attachment on either end.

And, instead of a D-Handle on the end away from the point and talons, it has a prying tool for debris removal and forced entry. It also has a hammer head on the opposing end of the prying tool.

Other features include a carbon fiber handle made by Nupla Corporation, and steel alloy, heat treated, black oxide metal components, complete with stainless steel springs, field replaceable components.

At just under $500, the tool is available in four, four and a half and five foot lengths. For more information, visit