Onspot Tire Chain Co. Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Onspot of North America, the maker of automatic tire chains for apparatus and emergency vehicles, is marking its 25th anniversary this year and wishes to thank its customers for their support.

The company was founded in 1988 in Connecticut and acknowledges its OEMs, dealers and end user customers for the company's success now and in the future.

The Onspot automatic tire chain system was invented in Sweden in 1977 and Onspot of North America imported the product for the first four years. In 1992, the company started manufacturing the product at a factory in North Vernon, Ind. 

Today, the Onspot product can be purchased from over 1,100 dealers throughout the country and is available from as a factory option from over 200 OEMS.


We commenced manufacture of the product in 1992 in
our factory in North Vernon, Indiana.

For more information about Onspot visit www.onspot.com.