Waterway Inc.

Waterway Appoints New Franchise Manager

Waterway Inc, the Number 1 fire hose testing company in the US, has appointed Steve Jackson of Hyde Park, N.Y., as the new Franchise Manager following John Green's departure after five years with the Company.

As well as being a franchise owner, Jackson has been a firefighter with the Roosevelt Fire Department for the past 10 years and is currently Captain at Roosevelt Station 3.

During his time at Roosevelt, Jackson has been the training officer for 6 years, as well as had the responsibility for all equipment maintenance for Company 3.

In addition to his experience with the fire service Jackson is a proven manager with over 15 years in the corporate world.

"As one of the first franchisees in the network I am extremely knowledgeable of the day to day challenges that our franchisees face, whether it's a technical testing issue or an equipment problem,” said Jackson. “I have developed a highly proficient and experienced crew who can effectively service my customers while my focus shifts to this new position in order to help take the Waterway Franchise to the next level.”

Jackson will be involved in new franchisee recruitment, training, coordinating the equipment demands and daily requests of the other franchisees in the Waterway network, as well, as attending trade shows, managing the annual ISO 9001 quality standard audit and developing new initiatives.

“In my opinion, what makes Waterway the top hose testing company in the country,” said Jackson “is Waterway’s adherence to the rigorous ISO 9001 certifications, which ensures that across our network of franchises we consistently provide the highest standards of performance and service to our customers, combined with the personal customer service that we proved to all of their customers.”

Jackson can be contacted on the Waterway toll free number 888-999 5838 or via email at sjackson@waterwayfranchise.com

For more information visit www.waterwayfranchise.com.