The Compliance Engine Is an Accessible Code Compliance Tool

At this year’s Illinois Fire & Life Safety Education Conference, Iowa State Fire Marshal Director Ray Reynolds gave the Keynote address and emphasized that the fire service “is about people, especially the children of our community whose lives we need...

Brycer wanted to create a vehicle in which the raw data of compliance can be converting into meaningful reporting information that can be used to provide confidence to city officials as to the level of testing and maintenance in a city, a realistic appraisal of resources needed to ensure 100% compliance (including the possibility of self-inspection programs), and the untapped revenue opportunity for contractors.

In order to demonstrate value to the users of the application, Brycer recognized the need to go beyond a paperless file cabinet and have created an indispensable and accessible code compliance tool.

Already, The Compliance Engine has produced results: more time for AHJs to perform their myriad of duties, an increased percentage of compliance for testing and maintenance, greater revenue opportunities for contractors, and, most importantly, a safer community. Brycer and The Compliance Engine want to partner with AHJs, contractors, and property owners who put life safety and code compliance first. If you are interested in learning more, please contact 630-413-9511 or