Anne Arundel, Md., Receives New Large Structure Ventilator

The Anne Arundel County Fire Department, located in central Maryland, has received a new RAMFAN VX700 Large Structure Ventilator, manufactured by Euramco Safety, Inc., of Spring Valley, California.

"We are excited to utilize such new innovations and equipment to make our Department more efficient and effective." said Fire Chief Michael Cox of the Anne Arundel County Fire Department.

The VX700 is a 28" fan, powered by a Honda 23-hp gasoline motor. Anne Arundel CFD took delivery of the trailer-mounted version with tilt and misting capability.

The 900-pound, gross weight, fan and trailer can be towed by any lightweight truck or command vehicle.

Intended to be disconnected and moved into position the VX700 is extremely maneuverable and can be aligned to entrance openings with ease.

Featuring RAMFAN PowerStreamâ„¢ air straighteners, the VX700 can be positioned from 20 to 40 feet from an entrance and still push upwards of 60,000 cfm through a warehouse door.

With a high tilt angle and 35-foot setback, the unit will ventilate through third-story windows. Typical 18-21" PPV fans fall short in providing the air volumes necessary to control ventilation at large volume commercial warehouses either for quick, forced ventilation or to control heat and smoke movement in fuel controlled fires.

Larger blowers with auto engines or boat engines are too bulky to maneuver, too expensive to deploy, and lack EPA and CARB certification for the non-automotive application.

As large box stores and fulfillment centers spread out across America, first responders are seeing the need for an affordable, maneuverable and dependable solution to their large structure ventilation requirements.

For more information on the RAMFAN VX700 Large Structure Ventilator contact the Euramco Safety at