Pryme Offers Accessories For Dual-Band Radios

The Pryme WXRSM Heavy Duty Waterproof Speaker Mic is designed to enhance the dependability and usefulness of dual-band radios. The WXRSM is extremely durable, yet sleek enough to wear on multiple locations on the uniform. Small, yet noticeable features such as the transmit button and audio jack placement truly make all the difference, and are deliberate modifications born via customer feedback.

A price tag of under $40 also makes the WXRSM attractive, even to the fire line workers who by NIFC requirement, must bring fire line approved radios with them in the field.

“They have been proven to be very durable and reliable radios by several different police and fire agencies,” Dennis Cross stated, “Currently, it seems to be the radio of choice by firefighters, team members, and security forces that support fire operations on large scale incidents.”

All Incident Management Team personnel face the reality that they will need to communicate on two different frequency bands on most of their missions.

Purchasing a dual-band radio is a convenient solution that satisfies this requirement at a fraction of the cost—not to mention the convenience one radio provides as opposed to two.

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