Lind Equipment Offers New Battery-Powered Scene Light

 Lind Equipment proudly introduces its newest addition to its Beacon Light line of LED floodlights, the LE965LEDC. The LE965LEDC is a 30W rechargeable battery operated LED floodlight that provides equivalent light to a 300-watt quartz halogen for four hours on a single charge.

The LE965LEDC is built with the same durability and toughness of the Beacon Light 50-watt and 30-watt plug in versions, but offers unparalleled portability and light output for remote areas or work areas without power.

The LE965LEDC is built with a strong weatherproof cast aluminum housing and tempered glass lens. The light temperature is a very natural 4500K, making its light easy to use indoors or out. The LED technology is designed to provide up to 50,000 hours of run time, and also has the ability to start up instantly even in the coldest temperatures.

The LE965LEDC has many advantanges over traditional bulb technologies in it will not heat up and doesn’t require frequent bulb changes. It is ideal for remote work places where power is not available such as mines, emergency scenes, construction and remote sites.

It also works extremely well in tight work areas, such as tank manufacturing, where contact with the light is a concern. The LE965LEDC uses only 30 watts of power, but has light output equivalent to a 300-watt quartz halogen bulb.

Contractors, emergency services, and mobile work crews can now light large areas that don’t have power without compromising light output or light duration.

The LE965LEDC is available as a light head only (LE965LEDC), or with a floor stand (LE965LEDC-FS), a 4-8’ tripod (LE965LEDC-TR), a magnet mount (LED065LEDC-MAG), or a strong scaffold clamp (LED965LEDC-CLAMP).

Details of the LE965LEDC can be found on the Lind Equipment website at

The new LE965LEDC battery powered LED floodlight is available through Lind’s network of knowledgeable industrial and electrical distributors throughout Canada and the USA.

About Lind Equipment:

Lind Equipment is a leading manufacturer and distributor of static grounding, hazardous location and industrial work lighting, portable power, and GFCI products. With over 60 years of experience providing products for commercial, industrial, and hazardous locations, Lind Equipment is trusted on some of the toughest jobsites in the world.

Lind’s expertise and robust design makes it the supplier to various Air Forces, oil refineries, mining companies, nuclear power plants, and general industry.

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