Leader Com Introduces New Confined Space Communications System

LEADER Com ensures a continuous, reliable and very clear communication between the safety attendant and members of teams engaged in confined space entry particularly when working in noisy environments and where other conventional communications won’t work.

It is the only operational system of communication for all extreme situations that is full duplex, hands free and intrinsically safe.

Fast and easy to implement, LEADER Com allows up to 10 team members connected on the system providing communication between one another and the safety attendant, up to a distance of 3 miles (4.8 km) per user connected.

For high angle working configurations, or for rope access, the communication rope can replace the primary rope or the life line.

The communication rope is a rope incorporating a communication wire and offering all the same working properties of a conventional climbing rope.

The system is usable for many activities and applications, including: • Fire departments & Rescue: High angle, extrication, confined space rescue, underground rescue • Tactical response: SWAT, placement, coordination, surveillance • Public utilities and Maintenance: Tunnels, boilers, furnaces, wind turbines, sandblasting, welding, clean-up • Chemical industries and Refineries: Tanks, pipes, storage vessels, towers, pylons offshore platforms • Telecommunications: Communication towers • Mining: Underground work • Water networks: Sewers, manholes, pits, wells, • Textile industries: Fibres manufacturing, flax processing, • Food industries: Silos, mills, holdings tanks • Shipping: Ship’s holds and tanks, compartments • Railways: Railroad tank cars • Aircraft: Fuel cell entry tanks, aircrafts sections, riveting, de-icing


Major player in its market for several decades, LEADER designs and makes available to firefighting, rescue and security professionals; high-tech materials, robust and reliable in all circumstances, to protect and rescue people and properties.

LEADER provides innovative products such as Nozzles and Monitors, PPV Fans, Life Detectors and Locators, Rescue and clearing equipment, Smoke generators, Flame simulators, Training doors, Thermal Imaging Cameras, Lighting

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