TV Producers Seek Firehouse For New Reality Show

A media production company is casting a docu-series for a major cable network that would follow the lives and interpersonal relationships of American firefighters.

The company is looking for a one distinctive firehouse that has a brotherhood, friendship and a dynamic that is compelling for television.

The producers at Eastern are looking to make a new series following the lives -- on and off the clock -- of one firehouse.

Tell the producers what makes your firehouse unique and you could be cast for a new non-scripted reality series. The producers say they are open to all stories and are especially interested in multi-generational fire families.

By following an ensemble cast of 7-10 firefighters and those in their lives, The Untitled Fire Series will explore the exciting world of firefighting in modern day America like never before.

It will give viewers a window into the world of fire fighting — on and off the clock— as well as follow the camaraderie among a squad, from CPAT training and refueling with grilling cook-offs to fire suppression and community education.

Essentially it'll give viewers an in-depth look into why these brave men and women risk their lives to save others and how they live when they aren’t putting out fires. Tell us what makes your firehouse and team of firefighters different than the rest!

To apply please send us your name, contact info, a brief bio and at least two recent photos