Odyssey Specialty Vehicles Announces New Management

Odyssey Specialty Vehicles is entering 2014 with new management, expanded sales and service teams, new vehicle and cabinet products, and dramatically enhanced customer support.

The company is looking forward to serving your specialty vehicle needs this year and into the future.

Odyssey is dedicated to producing high quality emergency vehicles, cabinet systems and components to meet our clients' mission critical needs.

Key contacts are: Daniel Huang -- Chief Executive Officer Paul Evans -- Chief Operating Officer Jaspal Singh -- Chief Financial Officer Jim Longobardi -- Vehicle Sales Nate Seely -- Vehicle Sales Barbara Karle -- Cabinet Sales Katie Miraglia -- Service Associate

At Odyssey we do not simply build vehicles. Our company is dedicated to providing first responders, public servants and the private sector with the critical tools and services needed to save lives and protect people.

We put our expertise, innovation and commitment into every special purpose vehicle and component we build. 

For more information, visit www.odysseyauto.com