Calif. Fire Announces Multi-Year Contract With HME

The California Department of General Services has announced its award of a multi-year contract with HME, Incorporated to produce Type I apparatus for the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and Type III fire trucks for Cal Fire.

This is the second consecutive multi-year contract HME has received from California. HME has produced over 250 fire apparatus for the State of California over the past 5 years, and 164 of those were the Model 34D Type III.

This Model 34D Type III 4x4 wildland is made to handle those rugged California fire operations. It’s built on a commercial 4x4 chassis and is equipped with a side mount pump including exclusive HME Hydra technology, 500-gpm performance and a 500 gallon tank.

The HME stainless steel body maximizes corrosion resistance and there’s plenty of room for gear and equipment with HME adjustable trays and shelving. The Type III apparatus also includes Foam Pro 1600 with a 20-gallon Class A tank.

They're powered by International 330-hp engines and Allison transmissions.

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