Black Helmet Launches Line of Apparatus

April 1, 2014: Black Helmet™, renowned maker of casual wear, accessories and equipment for firefighters, is making a major shift with the launch of it’s latest brand, Black Helmet Apparatus.

Company Founder and full-time firefighter James Love explained the company’s decision to begin producing fire trucks. “Firefighters needed something that would bring the fire engine industry into, and beyond the 21st century. So we made it.” He added, “Hey, how hard can it be to design a Fire Engine?”

The company has made several technological advancements that are sure to take the industry by storm. The Black Helmet Fire Truck sports a turbo-charged, alternative energy engine, atmospheric water generating pumps which allow the truck to operate without connecting to a water supply, on-board drones and more (see the full list of features here: )

With such an avid customer base, and a larger social following than any other major apparatus manufacturer, the company expects the initial demand to be strong. But getting this fire truck into your departments may take some time. The company is requiring departments to apply and be approved before allowing them to purchase the vehicle.

To learn more, check out the new web site:

Black Helmet™ is a global brand that embodies Firefighter culture and principles: Courage, Dedication, Sacrifice & Tradition.

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(Editor’s Note: This is an April Fool’s joke. Visit Black Helmet’s web site for more information)