Savox Announces a New Line of Digital Radios

SAVOX is continuing to build on the success of the SAVOX Classic C-C500 and the SAVOX Classic C-C550 with attached headsets such as the SAVOX Classic H-C1.

The new product line from SAVOX clearly takes quantum leaps forward in the capabilities of the products. The SAVOX XG C-C1 is the first of a revolutionary range of remote speaker mics (RSM’s) from SAVOX.

The new product line from SAVOX offers state of the art audio performance, durability and configuration options to the end user. Best in class audio with digital radios The SAVOX XG C-C1 brings a new level of functionality to the hands of the end user.

The SAVOX XG C-C1 is built to the toughest standards and with the unique SAVOX XG-series quick release connector for rugged headset use as well as a 3,5mm jack connector for simple earbud use, makes this product well set to meet even the most demanding end user needs.

Some of the unique features of this product are: adjustable microphone gain, programmable LED lights, independent audio control from the radio, wireless Push-To-Talk, closed software system for future expansion, programmable Smart Push-To-Talk, front and top Push-To-Talk buttons, reflection badge.

“The most versatile communications tool for a fire fighter, that’s what this product offers, with the best in class audio performance! So, you can see why we are so excited with this launch today” says Pasi Pihlajaniemi SVP Sales at SAVOX Communications.

Mr. Pihlajaniemi continues “Carefully studying the parameters of the success that we did in launching the C-C500 some 10-years ago and listening to our end users and the new requirements that these user groups have, we have really tried to compile this in this new product range, of which you see here now the first item, the XG C-C1. Clearly this product range will see many new products being introduced in a not too distant future. And looking at the performance of this product we are expecting this to become one of our most successful products ever.”

Peter Eriksson, Chief Executive Officer of SAVOX Communications Group adds, “SAVOX has been very strong in the Fire and Rescue business for more than 30 years. Today I am proud to say that we are able to bring to market our best product yet, for this extreme working environment. In the scope of this project we have carefully been taking feedback from our valued end users and business partners to really focus on the functionality of the product in daily use by the fire fighters across the globe. Now we are anxious to get some real market feedback on this new product range that will continue to expand going forward”

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