Elkhart Brass Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Elkhart Brass Announces Promotion in Customer Relations Dept.

Keith Chard was recently promoted to Customer Response Team Supervisor. In the time he has been with Elkhart, less than a year, Chard has improved customer relations.

Chard has a passion for taking care of the customer with his grounded logical demeanor. A few of his accomplishments over the last year include:

• Key team member who helped retain Hong Hwa as valued customer

• Successful leadership of Elkhart ROJO NPD project

• Member of the 8494 CXC team launching a unique new product at FDIC 2014

• Managing a comprehensive product training program in 2014

• Leading the process of updating and improving the Elkhart Unibody Electric valve based on customer needs

Chard's focus on customer satisfaction and providing customers what they need; when they need it will continue to strength Elkhart customer relations within various sales channels.

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