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LEADER Introduces New Easy 4000 Large Flow Fan

Fourteen years after the fire in the Mont-Blanc tunnel fire, linking France and Italy, that claimed 39 people from nine countries, LEADER is reminding the fire service of the effectiveness of large flow ventilation fans.

A truck caught fire in the middle of the tunnel filling it with dense, toxic smoke. To prevent that kind of event from spreading, in tunnels or large structures, LEADER has produced large flow ventilation units called Easy 3000 and Easy 4000. The Easy 3000 unit can move 3,000 m2 of air in 30 seconds.

The LEADER large flow fans are used to provide effective smoke extraction in large structures, such as parking garages, airports, aircraft on the ground, subways and rail and road tunnels.

Designed and manufactured in France, the LEADER large flow fans offer two engine types. The Easy 3000 uses the reliable and robust ROTAX aircraft engine and the Easy 4000 has the renowned BMW Flat Twin engine.

The Easy 4000 fan, LEADER’s most recent innovation, gives a powerful airflow of 400,000 m³/h in the open air and the 4-stroke BMW engine has electronic startup.

The company's proven Easy 3000 offers an airflow of 350,000 m³/h in the open air from its 2-stroke ROTAX engine. Exhaustive testing has proven their effectiveness. For example, smoke filling a 3000 m3 warehouse has been cleared in just 30 seconds!

Likewise, during the smoke extraction in a 1 km double-track tunnel, the smoke has been cleared in 12 minutes bringing sufficient visibility to enable firefighters to enter. The tunnel was completely cleared within 20 minutes.

Furthermore, the Easy 4000 or 3000 can help to rapidly reduce the concentration of CO and, in the right conditions, can allow operations to continue without the need for SCBA.

Their extremely low weight gives them an unrivalled performance / maneuverability ratio in operation, meaning just one or two firefighters can handle them easily.

Equipped with a nozzle spraying system in their standard version, LEADER large flow fans offer effective gas dilution, dissipation or displacement and smoke cooling. These fans are in high demand. A great number of Easy 3000 fans are already in use around the world, with LEADER receiving many orders for the new Easy 4000 even before its official launch.

This confirms the quality and commitment to innovation that LEADER provides as standard. In addition to the light-weight trailer version offered, the two fans are available in a « Skid » version to be attached to any type of operational vehicle, truck or trailer.

Other options are also available such as 360° manual rotation system, 600 or 1200 mm elevating platforms, flexible exhaust gas extensions, blowing ducts among other features.

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