Firehouse Releases Emergency Vehicle Technician of the Year Criteria

Firehouse is pleased to announce the 2014 Emergency Vehicle Technician of the Year award will be given to one emergency vehicle technician (EVT) to recognize his or her outstanding efforts to promote a high standard of excellence in quality and safety in emergency vehicles.

An emergency vehicle technician is defined as a trained and certified professional who has responsibility for specification, maintenance and/or safety of emergency response vehicles and equipment.

Selection criteria will emphasize leadership, professional development, integrity, and a commitment to the safe operation of emergency vehicles for the responders and the community. Criteria will include a nominee’s implementation of safe procedures, advanced education in the field and service above and beyond will be considered.

The 2014 Emergency Vehicle Technician of the Year award will place special emphasis accomplishments made over the last five years. A nominee’s role at a major emergency incident, while relevant, will not solely be enough to place that individual into contention for the award.

Award Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a member in good standing of a state EVT Association as of January 1st, in the year in which the award will be presented.
  • Have at least five (5) years full-time employment in the maintenance of emergency vehicles.
  • Be working toward or passed any of the Emergency Vehicle Technician Certification Commission tests.
  • Be working toward or passed any of the Automotive Service Excellence tests.
  • Foster professionalism through participation in a local, state or provincial maintenance/emergency vehicle technician association.
  • Adhere to the education of safety practices and procedures in his/her profession.

Nomination Procedures

Anyone can nominate an EVT that meets the criteria described above. A letter nominating the EVT explaining why the EVT is nominated for this award, as well as any supporting information should be e-mailed to janet@firehouse by November 1st, 2014.

A member cannot nominate himself or herself for an award.

The nominee(s) will be advised that they have been nominated for an award. Nominees will be asked to provide the following information: name; department; phone number; email address and permit the use of their photo and name for promotion purposes

A select panel of judges will review all nominations and jointly select the winners. The winner will be notified by November 15, 2014. All nominees will be notified by e-mail of the results.

EVT Award, sponsored by C.E. Niehoff Co., will be presented during the FDSOA Apparatus Symposium in Orlando, Florida, January 18-20, 2015.

Nomination Process

Nominations for the 2014 EVT of the Year should be submitted by e-mail to: Janet Wilmoth -

The deadline for nomination is November 1, 2014.